Rotherhithe Community Broadband

In April 2014 the Rotherhithe Broadband Group put forward a proposal to provide affordable superfast GB broadband to everyone who wanted it in SE16.

This was a great idea and based on examples of how other communities were taking control over broadband provision. A lot of work was put in by the volunteers in the group.

Without the support of Southwark Council and with the plans put forward by BT last summer, the proposal has not moved forward.
In the light of the current lack of progress by BT we believe it is worth re-considering a community broadband provision. Examples form other communities show this could be a successful and profitable proposition.

But this would not be an easy task and there would be many hurdles to cross. We would need people with a range of skills in order to get to a stage where we could look for large investors.

If you are interested in particiating or would like to know more please let us know.
If we get enough interest we’ll arrange a meeting so we can plan a way forward.