Relish 4G Broadband

"fibre-fast internet, without the need for any wires"

Update 08-12-2014
Complaints about quality of service were raised by customers in August. This has continued with customers still complaining about the high frequency of disconnections. More at ispreview.

Update 09-10-2014
UK Broadband has officially been granted an indefinite extension to its spectrum licence for use of 40MHz in the 3.4GHz band that is being used to deliver it's 4G (LTE) service. This will hopefully mean UK Broadband will now be moving forward with its plans to extend its service.

Relish (UK Broadband) has re-launched their 4G broadband which serves most of central London. This is slightly different to mobile 4G networks as it is geared towards high capacity data-only connections of up to 50Mbps.

The Relish service is attractive as it provides unlimited data for £20/month.

Their coverage map looks like their service is available in a large proportion of Rotherhithe but unfortunately this is not the case. This map estimates the possible reach of antennas in Wapping and Canary Wharf but the only area that can receive a signal is a small area around St Mary's Church and Elephant Lane.

We've been in contact with Relish about their service and availability and plans for extending their coverage. They are well aware of the demand in Rotherhithe and other 'not spots'. They are currently asking OFCOM if they can extend their licence which will enable them to justify further investment. If this goes ahead then they plan to extend to Rotherhithe.

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