Updated: 19/01/2015
Hyperoptic provide an up to 1Gbps broadband service and have been busy with many new developments in Rotherhithe coming online.

Hyperoptic only installs its services in multi-residential buildings. Fibre is provided to the basement of a building and then this is shared out amongst the residents using Ethernet cabling.

They are investigating how they can reduce costs and bring their services to smaller developments and are thinking creatively about how they can provide cost effective services to social developments.

Hyperoptic offer three services of 20Mb, 100Mb and 1Gig (1000Mb), with broadband prices starting at £25 p/m with telephone and £20 pm without.

Currently Hyperopic provide services for the following buildings:
  • Princes Riverside – SE16 5RF, SE16 5RG, SE16 5RH, SE16 5RQ
  • Canada Wharf – SE16 5ES
  • Gabriel House - SE16 7HQ
  • Walker House – SE16 7HD
  • Pacific Wharf – SE16 5QF
  • Water Gardens – SE16 6RF, SE16 6RG, SE16 6RJ, SE16 6RL, SE16 6RN
  • New Caledonian Wharf – SE16 7TN, SE16 7TW
  • Trinity Wharf – SE16 5EQ, SE16 5HA, SE16 5HD
  • King and Queen Wharf – SE16 5QY, SE16 5SH, SE16 5SJ, SE16 5SQ, SE16 5ST, SE16 5SU, SE16 5SX, SE16 5SY
  • Woodland Crescent – SE16 6YF, SE16 6YG, SE16 6YH, SE16 6YJ, SE16 6YL, SE16 6YN, SE16 6YP, SE16 6YQ, SE16 6YR

The following sites have been installed and are awaiting a ‘go-live’ date.
  • South Dock Marina Quay 1 and Quay 2– SE16 7SZ
  • Rainbow Quay – SE16 7TQ, SE16 7UF, SE16 7US
  • Basque Court – SE16 6XD, SE16 6XE
  • Brunel Point (Phase 1) - SE16 5QL, SE16 5QN, SE16 5QQ, SE16 5QR

The following sites are currently being installed
  • Sovereign View – SE16 5XH, SE16 5XJ, SE16 5XL, SE16 5XN, SE16 5XP, SE16 5XR, SE16 5XW
  • Swedish Quays – SE16 7TE, SE16 7TF
  • Greenland Passage – SE16 7TA, SE16 7TB, SE16 7TD, SE16 7TH
  • Brunel Point (Phase 2) – SE16 5GB, SE16 5GD

Agreements have been made at the following sites and an install is being scheduled:
  • Worgan St/Howland Quay – SE16 7WA, SE16 7WB, SE16 7WE, SE16 7WF, SE16 7WG
  • Pageant Steps – SE16 5FS, SE16 5FT, SE16 5FX
  • Blueprint – SE16 2AZ, SE16 2BF
  • Lavender House (Amos Estate) – SE16 5EA
  • Crown Place Apartments – SE16 3AD
  • Edinburgh and Falkirk Court (Amos Estate) – SE16 5SL, SE16 5SN

Installation proposals have been put together for the following sites and contracts have been issued to the building management in order for an agreement to be made:
  • Acorn Walk – SE16 5DU, SE16 5DX, SE16 5DY, SE16 5EN, SE16 5EP, SE16 5ER, SE16 5EW
  • Lawrence Wharf – SE16 5DW, SE16 5EY, SE16 5UB, SE16 5UD
  • Stanton House – SE16 5DJ
  • Baltic Quay – SE16 7TG, SE16 7TJ, SE16 7TL
  • Aland Court – SE16 7LA
  • Leeside Court – SE16 5SZ
  • Tideway Court – SE16 5QS
  • Timbrell Place – SE16 5HU
  • Tempus Wharf – SE16 4RN, SE16 4UF, SE16 4UQ, SE16 4WG
  • Christopher Close – SE16 6PG, SE16 6PJ, SE16 6PL, SE16 6PN, SE16 6PP, SE16 6PQ
  • Edward Square and Prince Regent Court – SE16 5EB, SE16 5EE

Site surveys are due to be conducted at the following sites:
  • Pump House Close – SE16 7HS, SE16 7JZ
  • Gainsborough Place – SE16 3EJ, SE16 3EZ
  • Helsinki Square – SE16 7UT

Any questions, please email Hyperoptic at support@hyperoptic.com or call 0333 332 1111.