BT Meet With Council

11th June 2014

Southwark Council and London Assembly member Val Shawcross have met BT Openreach in what they described as a “positive and productive meeting” to discuss bringing superfast broadband to Rotherhithe.

According to Southwark Labour, BT is “actively reviewing the business case” for bringing super fast broadband to Rotherhithe.

As we were not asked for any input for the meeting, we have asked the council what was discussed and what the outcomes were. We've been informed that these meetings were confidential. The only outcome was from Val Shawcross who has suggested residents to register interest with BT as this will help support BT's business case to upgrade. This is a disappointing outcome as many residents wanting faster broadband have already filled out one of these requests some time ago. Many of us have heard the 'Business Case' response from BT several times already.

If you haven't yet registered your interest with BT either via their website or Openreach's then please do:

This form has been available since 2011 and it is likely many of us have already sent some form of this request. There has been no indication from BT as to how many residents have already made the request or how many are needed for BT to change their minds.

Will BT only make a the upgrades if enough people ask for it or is this just another ploy by BT to delay making a decision?

We also hope issue of poor, existing Infinity access was raised at the meeting. Many residents already in Infinity upgraded areas cannot get faster broadband as Infinity, for a reason BT is not prepared to share, is not available to them. Also some residents who have been able to get Infinity are getting a very poor service, not much better than their previous ASDL speeds and certainly not 'super fast'. What BT class as 'super fast' may fall far short of what residents would expect.*

* Ofcom and the EU define super fast broadband as connections with download speeds greater than 30Mbps.