BT Announcement

At a meeting this afternoon (24/07), arranged by Val Shawcross at the GLA, BT announced an ‘in-principle’ decision to improve broadband for most of Rotherhithe by 2017.

We cautiously welcome this news but await to see more concrete plans from BT and Southwark. We are all aware of the empty promises BT have made in the past. BT are due to meet with Southwark Council on the 11th August so hopefully there will be more news then.

We are also concerned that BT said that their improvements will not be available to everyone. Val Shawcross has stated on her blog that Southwark-wide access to faster broadband will rise to 84% by 2017. Even with a conservative estimate and ignoring Rotherhithe's extremely low starting point, that will still leave at least 1500 households in Rotherhithe with the awful broadband connections they currently have. Chances are this figure will be far higher.

This may be a good time for you and your neighbours to register interest with BT so you are not one of the many households left behind!