Openreach plans for Rotherhithe

BT Openreach have just updated their fibre upgrade plan for the Bermondsey Exchange. There are several areas in Rotherhithe that are now being considered for upgrading.

March Update

Despite repeated assurances from Southwark Council and BT, very little progress has been made to bring superfast broadband to Rotherhithe.

Rotherhithe Community Broadband

Interested in helping to set up a community broadband project to provide faster, more affordable broadband for everyone in SE16?

18000 new fibre broadband connections for Southwark

BT have announced 18000 new fibre broadband connections for Southwark. This is part of the £50m BT Cities project that will see improvements in all London Boroughs over the next two years.

BT Announcement

BT announce an ‘in-principle’ decision to improve broadband for most of Rotherhithe by 2017.

July Update

The latest update from the Rotherhithe Broadband Group: BT trial, Virfgin Media Expansion, Southwark Broadband Technical Report and Community Broadband update.

Connectivity Map

Fill out your details to let the Mayor know you want better broadband.

Virgin Media Expansion

Virgin Media announces a massive £3bn expansion

Update - Jan 2015

The latest update from the Rotherhithe Broadband Group:
BT trials, Southwark Broadband Technical Report, Relish and Community Broadband updates.

FTTDP, FTTRN and G-Fast. Oh my!

BT has several technologies currently on trial that may potentially help resolve the issues with slow broadband in Rotherhithe. But don't hold your breath - it may be sometime away.


Hyperoptic have been busy with several new developments in Rotherhithe coming online.

Relish 4G Broadband

"fibre-fast internet, without the need for any wires"

BT Meet With Council

Southwark Council and London Assembly member Val Shawcross have met BT Openreach in what they described as a “positive and productive meeting” to discuss bringing superfast broadband to Rotherhithe.

Business Connection Vouchers

Business could get up to £3,000 towards the cost of installing a faster, better broadband connection, usually of 30Mbit/s or more.

Why Fibre Optic?

Fibre-optic broadband offers huge advantages over other connection services such as ADSL, SDSL, wireless, satellite, since it is currently the fastest way of delivering broadband signals to homes and businesses.